Blüem transforms your home into a smart system. Starting with thermostat and light control, the Blüem hub not only allows you to communicate with your home from any smartphone, but also makes decisions on your behalf based on the smart sensors monitoring your environment.


Every time you leave a room in your home unoccupied, energy is wasted keeping that room heated or cooled. Keeping track of room occupancy allows Blüem to save energy by learning which rooms are most affected by outside elements and strategically operating your existing HVAC system.


The Blüem system doesn't give one resident full control over your home's heating or cooling system like other app-based systems. Blüem optimizes your home based on learning the preferences and locations of every resident using our app and keeps everyone as comfortable as possible.



Every Blüem system uses sensor units in each room of your home to assist in accurate optimization. While the primary use is location tracking and indoor climate monitoring, the sensor module is far from its full potential. Your home can only get smarter.