Introducing Blüem...

Blüem is a smart AC controller with a patented machine learning algorithm that maximizes comfort of everyone present at minimal energy expenditure.

Blüem connects with your smartphone to dynamically adjust the temperature as you move around your home. Every smartphone device with the Blüem app allows our system to track room occupancy in real time, and adjusts your AC units accordingly.

What does Blüem do?

Smart AC Control

Intelligent management of any IR capable window AC unit

Data Analytics

Beautiful graphs & insights generated from occupancy, movement and usage data

Energy Management

Coordinated control of multiple AC units to optimize energy and comfort

Learning Algorithm

Patented algorithm to learn both your habits and the environment

Temperature Sensors

Sense and maintain temperature of your location, not your AC unit

Utility Savings

Cuts your energy bill by efficiently adjusting the temperature for you

How does Blüem work?

The future of One Comfort Labs

What we're working on next.

One Comfort Labs is expanding Blüem as an IoT hub with a distributed sensor network to create an intelligent home solution. With this integrated framework we plan to move the smart home ecosystem from connectivity to intelligence.

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